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Nov 3, 2013 10:30am EST
out of obamacare. this thing seems to be a disaster. it's nothing like the administration said it was going to be. so many things that were supposed to happen didn't happen. where are we on this? >> i think where we are is the divide between policy and technology. it's pretty clear i think to those of us that have been watching this roll out that the technological base was not sufficient. and that the website didn't function. i felt, and i said this directly to the president's chief of staff, they ought to take down the website until it was right. they believe they need to keep it running that and they can sort out of difficulties that they brought in technological experts from a broad base of the private sector that by the end of november it can be sorted out. and be functioning properly. i don't think there's ever been any website started to do what this website does in the size of this one. i don't make excuse but i think that is pretty much fact of what's happened. >> schieffer: the president said in the beginning that one thing was that if you like the health care progra
Oct 27, 2013 5:00pm PDT
me ask both of you. tell me what your take is now on this whole rolled out of obamacare? where does this go, peggy. >> oh, it has been, i believe, a political disaster for the white house. it has made people in america nervous, anxious, and confused. look, bottom line, it seems to me, this whole thing should be delayed. but deep inside myself, i really think, look, they can probably get this tech end to work in a certain amount of time, but the internals of the law, the content of the law is already causing problems. i wish we could stop the whole thing, go back to point one, and say let's try this again. i think it's not working. >> it clearly isn't working. and, you know, we'll see. they've put a lot of people on it. and they promised to deliver. but, again, this connects to this theme of we've got an incredibly powerful government that gets on automatic pilot and you have people with inexperience who don't know about nuts and bolts questions, people who don't go in and say, "well, now is this going to work? let's test it?" we were talking earlier about the raid that killed osama
Nov 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
'm thinking, i guess it's a little unforce natural that didn't let the nsa put together the -- for obamacare. because we talk about on this side of the table how wonderful and these great capabilities. i have never seen anything that flopped the way this thing. >> the thing is when you hear all these technological advances that are leading to surveillance people just assume in their daily lives. technology at some point is going to work. i think that was going in to the website. something nobody -- americans would not have expected people in the white house that were not testing this getting some clues leading unto the launch. now you have david axelrod saying, this website is a debacle. i think the problem now for the white house is that you can fix a broken website. but this is more than a broken website because for a lot of americans, this isn't just introduction to a website. it's that are introduction to the affordable compare fact. if you go back, gallup did an interesting poll, 71% of uninsured americans didn't know, weren't familiar with the affordable care act. now what are they se
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)